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Burger King Worker Attacked Over Coupon

Assault of employee was recorded by Iowa patron

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Coupon Crazy

JANUARY 20--Incensed that a Burger King employee would not honor a coupon he offered, an Iowa man first threw a cell phone at the worker and then climbed over the counter and struck the victim in the head with the phone, drawing blood, according to police and a video of the incident.

Cops say that Jeremiah Wenzel, 34, was arrested for assault causing bodily injury following a January 15 confrontation at a Burger King in Cedar Rapids. Wenzel is scheduled for an initial court hearing on the misdemeanor charge on February 5.

A Cedar Rapids Police Department spokesperson told TSG that Wenzel “allegedly attempted to use a coupon but the store didn’t honor it. He became upset and threw his phone” at the 43-year-old male employee.

As seen in the above video, which was shot by another customer, after Wenzel threw the phone--which landed behind the counter--a Burger King worker said that he was calling police. Wenzel, accompanied by his mother and another woman, replied that he would get a lawyer to “sue your fucking ass.”

“Well, you’re not getting your phone back. I’m calling the police,” the Burger King worker said.

At that point, Wenzel’s mother realized that her son threw her phone at the fast food worker. “You threw your phone at him?” she asked her son. “My phone! You dumbass, that’s my phone.” She added, “Thank you, Jeremiah.”

Wenzel (seen above) then climbed over the counter to retrieve the phone, which he appeared to pick up off the floor. When the Burger King worker demanded that he leave the eatery, Wenzel struck the man over the head with the phone.

Holding his hand to his head, the worker announced, “I’m bleeding.” 

Wenzel, who fled after the attack, was subsequently arrested at his family’s Cedar Rapids home, which is three miles from the Burger King (seen below). (1 page)