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Asinine Ohioan In Phony 911 Call Collar

Motorist, 34, sought to distract cops who stopped him

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Asinine Ohioan

JULY 9--After getting pulled over outside a Walmart in suburban Cleveland, a motorist sought to “deter officers from the traffic stop” by calling 911 to falsely report a shooting a few blocks from the retailer, police charge.

According to investigators, Muhammad Kabir, 34, was driving Saturday afternoon when his vehicle was pulled over by a South Euclid Police Department officer outside a Walmart Supercenter.

Kabir, who lives in nearby Cleveland Heights, was behind the wheel despite having a suspended drivers license and a vehicle with expired plates. Additionally, a two-year-old boy who was with his mother in the car was not in a child safety seat.

In a misguided effort to avoid a series of traffic citations, Kabir “called in a fake 911 call of a male being shot” on a street near Walmart, police report. The gambit was intended to “deter officers from the traffic stop,” according to a police report.

Instead, a police dispatcher was “able to ping the caller of the 911 call back to Walmart,” and the “phone number of the 911 caller matched the male that was on the traffic stop.”

Kabir was then arrested for making false alarms. He was arraigned Tuesday in South Euclid Municipal Court on the misdemeanor count. Kabir has also been charged with multiple traffic law violations. (2 pages)