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Man Accused Of Violating Letter Of The Law

Cops: Floridian struck victim with a "G"

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Letter Of The Law

OCTOBER 20--A Florida Man appearing for arraignment on a battery charge was arrested yesterday after striking a female victim “with the letter ‘G’” that he removed from a courthouse sign, according to an arrest report.

The victim in Tuesday morning’s attack is the same woman Jordan Thomas, 26, is accused of battering in the prior case.

Thomas, seen at right, was scheduled to be arraigned yesterday on a misdemeanor charge stemming from an alleged battery last month on Shanterria Rolle, a 23-year-old Vero Beach resident. Thomas, an Amazon driver, was free on $500 bond in the pending criminal case.

Investigators say that Thomas was inside the Indian River County courthouse yesterday morning when he grabbed “a signage letter from the black board in front of Court Room 3" and threw it at Rolle, “striking her with the letter ‘G.’” Video from a security camera “validates the charge,” a sheriff’s deputy noted.

The incident, cops say, occurred while court was in recess. Rolle is described in the arrest report as the "victim and witness in the original charge of Battery."

Thomas was arrested for battery and violating the terms of his pretrial release in the prior case (which included a condition that he have no contact with Rolle).

Thomas is being held without bond in the county jail. (2 pages)