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Baseball Star Miguel Cabrera Arrested For DUI

Slugger to cops: "Fuck you. Do you know who I am?"

Miguel Cabrera

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Miguel Cabrera Arrest

FEBRUARY 17--Baseball’s first spring training arrest came late last night when All-Star Miguel Cabrera was busted for drunk driving. The Detroit Tigers superstar was allegedly so intoxicated that he actually swigged from a bottle of scotch in front of the sheriff’s deputy, according to a police report.

Cabrera, 27, was busted after a St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office deputy spotted smoke coming from the engine of the athlete’s car, which had stopped on a roadway. When speaking with Cabrera, a deputy noted that he reeked of booze, had watery eyes, and slurred speech.

Additionally, a deputy reported that he watched Cabrera “pick up a bottle of James Buchanan’s Scotch whisky and start drinking it.” Cabrera, who was alone, was also heard saying, “I am going to fucking kill him.”

Believing that Cabrera had been driving while impaired, a deputy handcuffed the baseball star, who failed to follow police orders and “kept running out in the road with his hands up.”

When a second deputy arrived on the scene, Cabrera was asked “multiple times” to get into a squad car. The athlete replied, “Fuck you. Do you know who I am?”

To secure Cabrera’s assistance, a deputy first “lifted his left hand to gain pain compliance,” and then “delivered 3-4 knee spikes into his left thigh muscle,” which resulted in Cabrera falling into the cop car.

Cabrera, pictured in the above mug shot, was booked into the county jail, where he was released this morning at 7:45 after posting $1350 bond. He was charged with driving under the influence and two counts of resisting an officer without violence. (2 pages)

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DEPORT this overpaid wingnut back to Venezuela, he can flip off the police back there and they would most likely place him in jail forever...
The mugshot looks like he was huffing paint and eating Ecstasy. They should've had him try and hit knuckleballs for charity Home Run Derby-style.
I totally agree with PBSCRAIG's comments! LVC: Maybe he was and that's the reason he grew up to be a dickhead.
Cabrera has a set of juevos on him.
'Detroit Tigers' and 'Superstar'...... two words one RARELY uses in the same sentence.
Good taste in Scotch.
you can have a headline like: Slugger to cops: "F**k you. Do you know who I am?" But you can't type wet/back without a /
1 word - deportation
As a lifelong Tiger fan & a recovering alcoholic, this episode needs to serve proper notice to Miguel & anyone else out there that you just can't handle the next 1st drink. I know he was following a program of recovery, so he needs to get back w/ it NOW! The courts will see to that. And he needs to be sentenced harshly enough that he won't have time to think @ drinking. An AA meeting a day for starters, for at least a whole year. Got to be made to see how much of a dangerous inconvenience alcoholism has become, regardless of your socio/economic status. Why ruin a HOF career w/ something that is preventable?
I sure hope Deputy Dipsh!t didn't Fark up this fellow's swing with those knee ***es.
S p i k e s gets censored?
Replace the SP with a K Sounds like whoever wrote this filtering program is a sensitive one.
Just checking if you can place the words wet and back next to each other without getting edited. I did not use a space when I called Miguel a greasy one in my previous post. ***
FYI You can not type the words wet and back next to each other with or without a space in between. Wow.
This wet/back was chugging $75 a bottle 18 year old special reserve scotch. The MLB is paying him waaaaaay too much.
Driving around wasted in a 2 ton killing machine and fighting with cops = a night in holding cell before bonding out for a whopping $1350 Only in America. Right you greasy ***! I wish you were dead Miguel. You are nothing but a drain on society that can hit a baseball. Now only if every American would wake up and smell the coffee, this POS would be back stealing hubcaps in his native country.
His momma should have duct-taped him to a chair when he was an infant and left him there.
Another classy athlete with a fat paycheck resulting in a fat head and even fatter 'tude. Is there a correlation between the underpaid, heroic sports figures of yesteryear and the a**hole, juiced up, dickwads of today? The sooner we stop paying outrageous ticket prices and buying overpriced shoes with these bozos names on them the sooner they may start to get a two fisted grip on reality and start acting like decent citizens with a god given gift and not like they are the gods themselves.
Are you sure he's an natural born citizen or was he imported for his talent? I quit watching ball games just cause of the high prices and the arrogant's of the players. $1300. is the going rate for a DUI but I have to say that only 33% of all fatality auto wreaks are from drunk drivers its the other 67% out there that are drinking soda, coffee or water that really bother me!
PBSCRAIG, well said. " Do you know who I am?" The officer should have replied, "Yes, I know exactly who you are, you're the brain-dead, irresponsible jizz-bag I just caugt drinking and driving, that's who." People who think they're above the law make me sick.
Don't ya just hate when that happens, just makes ya wanna go chug a few. Oh wait it's Miller time :-D