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Man Jailed For Oral Activity On Boardwalk

Police: Floridian, 50, serviced woman in public

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Blue Boardwalk

AUGUST 25--A man spotted yesterday afternoon performing oral sex on a woman lying down on a Florida beach boardwalk told cops that he was an “emergency responder and had to assist the female as it was his duty,” according to a criminal complaint.

A Treasure Island Police Department officer found Tracy Briley, 50, with his shorts at his ankles and “penis out in plain view” around 1 PM Wednesday. Briley, the cop noted, “was performing cunnilingus on a female subject laying on the beach boardwalk.”

Briley, seen at right, told the officer that he was homeless and “had nowhere else to have sex except in public.”

A witness told police that he (and his three-year-old grandson) “observed the act of cunnilingus.”

When Officer Zakariah Dorman arrived on the boardwalk, Briley’s companion--who is not identified in the complaint--was clothed. She was subsequently transported to a local hospital “reference to a medical issue.”

Briley was transported to the county jail, where he is being held in lieu of $10,000 on a felony lewd and lascivious exhibition charge. He was also hit with a misdemeanor trespassing count.

Briley’s rap sheet includes prior busts for battery; possession of drug paraphernalia; evidence tampering; robbery; disorderly conduct; littering; and possession of an open container. (1 page)