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Baseball Bat Assault

MARCH 21--An Iowa woman who returned home to find her live-in girlfriend having sex with a man is facing an assault charge for allegedly battering the male interloper with a baseball bat.

Amanda Stockstell was named today in criminal complaints charging her with assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic abuse in connection with the confrontation last Thursday in the Iowa City home she shared with her “live-in partner,” according to court filings.

The incident occurred a day after Stockstell celebrated her 36th birthday.

Stockstell, pictured in the above mug shot, arrived at her Hotz Avenue residence around 2 PM and “discovered her live-in partner having intercourse with the victim.” An angry Stockstell “demanded that the victim leave the residence,” investigators reported.

But when the unnamed man refused, Stockstell allegedly “armed herself with a baseball bat” and struck the man at least three times. “The victim,” police noted, “complained of pain to his back and legs.”

Stockstell was also charged with domestic abuse after her girlfriend told cops that Stockstell had “pushed her onto the floor and stepped on her” during the altercation. The victim told police that Stockstell had previously slapped her and hit her with a shoe.

Facing a pair of misdemeanors, Stockstell is being held in the Johnson County jail in lieu of $13,000 bond. (2 pages)

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