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"Ron Burgundy" Nabbed Running Sex Club

Cops: Virginia pimp used "Anchorman" alias

Ron Burgundy

JANUARY 22--A man who used the alias “Ron Burgundy” has been arrested for running a “sex club” out of a Virginia apartment, according to cops who arrested the suspect Monday during a raid.

Investigators say that Michael Tillman, 33, advertised the prostitution business online and directed customers to a residence in Reston. Police, who were tipped last month to the operation, executed a search warrant this week at the apartment.

Pictured at right, Tillman used the “Ron Burgundy” handle in his online posts promoting the “sex club.”

Tillman was arrested on a felony pandering charge and a misdemeanor bawdy house count. Cops also busted Jill Faustin, 26, on prostitution and bawdy house charges.

Tillman, a convicted felon, was scheduled for arraignment today.

“Ron Burgundy” is the main character in the “Anchorman” films. Played by Will Ferrell, “Burgundy” is a dim-witted newsman who, while overtly sexist, never attempted to turn out any of his numerous female conquests.