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Florida Couple Busted For Sex In Public

Cops: Duo "in view" of passersby on St. Pete street

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Florida Lovebirds

DECEMBER 9--Instead of retiring to either of their respective residences, a couple opted to have sex "in view" of passersby on a Florida street, an indiscretion that resulted in the duo's arrest for public indecency.

According to court filings, a cop caught Ashley Wetzel, 26, and Henry Niblack, 50, in the act Wednesday evening near a St. Petersburg park. Officer Joshua Jordan reported that the duo was having sex “in view of patrons walking by on the sidewalk.”

Jordan reported that he “observed Niblack behind Wetzel, throwing his hips back and forth, inserting his penis into Wetzel’s vagina.” Jordan added that the suspects each had their pants at their ankles.

Pictured above, Wetzel and Niblack were arrested for exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor. Niblack was released from custody yesterday, while Wetzel, who has a pending theft case, remains locked up in lieu of a combined $650 bond.

Niblack lives in St. Petersburg and works for a construction company. Wetzel resides in Clearwater. Police do not allege that their public tryst was a commercial transaction. (1 page)