Censors Stand On Guard For Canada

Smut, dirty mags, and a Joe Lieberman tape seized at border

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Censors Stand On Guard For Canada

JULY 26--Any TSG visitor knows that we absolutely love the quarterly reports prepared by Canada's Border Services Agency, which determines what videos, CDs, and magazines are suitable for importation.

In a report released today (covering activities between April and June), the Prohibited Importations Unit details what titles have been deemed admissible and those that were barred. Customs investigators put the stop to flicks like "Hotel Smotherfornia" and "Piss Boys In Love" though "Hopalong ASS-idy" and "Crouching Woman Hidden Face" passed muster. And don't ask us why "Footslave Prophecies, Vol. 2" gets in, but "Footslave Prophecies, Vol. 1" is stopped at the border.

In addition to the video productions barred, Canadian officials refused the importation of several CDs from the late William Pierce, the racist author of "The Turner Diaries." Included in the prohibited Pierce tapes was a 1999 title about U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman and the moral decay brought about by Judaism. (11 pages)