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Thirteen Perps A-Muggin' In New Roundup

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Mug Shot Roundup

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12/21/12 Mug Shots

DECEMBER 24--This holiday edition of the mug shot roundup begins with a Missouri man who decided to show his tongue to jailers. The 51-year-old was busted Wednesday for assault. As for his fellow suspects, a few notes:

1)   The 18-year-old Idaho gentleman on page #3 was collared Sunday on a failure to appear rap; 2) Popped Friday for marijuana possession, assault, and resisting arrest, the 42-year-old Arkansan on page #4 required some gloved persuasion during his booking photo session; 3) Yes, that’s a modified Maroney smirk on the face of the 21-year-old Floridian on page #5. She was popped for retail theft; 4) The furry Michigan man, 23, on page #10 was arrested Tuesday on a probation violation charge; 5) The Marilyn Monroe fan, 27, on page #11 landed in a Florida jail Tuesday for violating probation terms; and 6) The Georgia “honky,” 60, on page #13 was busted for drunk driving and driving without a license. (13 pages)