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You And You And You And You Going To Jail Now

Arrestee commemorates notorious bus driver uppercut

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mugs: December 6, 2013

DECEMBER 9--This week’s mug shot roundup leads off with an Oregon man, 18, who flashed a little tongue following his bust for interfering with a peace officer. As for his fellow arrestees, a few notes:

1) The cross-eyed Arizonan, 25, on page #2 was nabbed for a liquor violation; 2) Following his collar for pot possession and driving with an invalid license, the 29-year-old Georgia gent on page #4 got to show off his meme-themed t-shirt to jailers. “You goin’ to jail nah!!” was first uttered by a Cleveland bus driver who last year decked an unruly female rider with a brutal bolo punch; 3) The “Atlanta Felons” fan, 53, on page #7 was nabbed by Louisiana cops for attempted murder; 4) The smirking Arkansan, 24, on page #11 was popped Sunday for domestic battery and narcotics possession; and 5) The Idaho man, 19, on page #13 was jailed Sunday for being a minor in possession of alcohol. (14 pages)