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Cops Finger Woman, Woman Fingers Cops

Pennsylvania arrestee shows jailers how she feels

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mugs: Nov. 29, 2013

DECEMBER 2--The Pennsylvanian, 36, who leads off this week’s mug shot roundup flipped the bird to jailers following her arrest Monday for assault, harassment, and resisting arrest. As for her fellow suspects, a few notes:

1) The bug-eyed Georgia gentleman on page #3 was collared Sunday for pot possession and shoplifting; 2) The Arkansas man with the gauze turban on page #4 was busted for making terroristic threats, battery, and stalking; 3) The 27-year-old poser on page #6 was popped by Florida cops for assault; 4) Nabbed Tuesday for failure to appear, a 24-year-old Georgia man is “seen” in the abstract work on page #7; and 5) The Floridian, 25, whose back ink is seen on page #10 was busted for battery. His tattoo artist, however, may want to consult a globe next time, since Panama seems to have been expelled from the map. (10 pages)