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Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: 11/21/14

NOVEMBER 26--Our latest weekly mug shot roundup opens with an Oklahoma woman, 18, who, despite being arrested for auto theft and obstruction of justice, was in a great mood during booking. As for her fellow suspects, some notes:

1) The Miamian, 18, with the fetching donut curls on page #2 was popped Thursday for retail theft; 2)  The stylish Floridian on page #4 was popped for failing to appear in court to answer a pot possession charge; 3) Following his collar Wednesday for indecent exposure, the 43-year-old Oklahoman on page #6  was strapped in for his booking photos session; 4) The 28-year-old Arizonan on page #7 was popped Thursday for kidnapping and armed robbery. Which makes his t-shirt all the more appropriate; 5) The Florida man, 26, with the conical hairdo on page #9 was nabbed Wednesday for cocaine possession; and 6) The 81-year-old Louisiana woman on page #15 was jailed on a domestic battery rap. (16 pages)