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Wide Eyes, Sweet Thangs, & Other Piercing Mugs

Highway obstructor, license scofflaw highlight roundup

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mugs: October 4, 2013

OCTOBER 4--This week’s mug shot roundup opens with a beaming Ohioan, 22, who was jailed Tuesday for felonious assault. As for his fellow arrestees, some notes:

1) The 67-year-old Miami woman on page #3 was busted Sunday for battery; 2) The teary Arizonan, 21, on page #5 was nabbed Tuesday for assault; 3) Popped Tuesday for grand theft, the Floridian, 27, on page #6 apparently considers herself a “Sweet Thang”; 4) The Chicago man, 28, on page #7 was arrested Tuesday for prostitution; 5) Despite the resemblance, the 47-year-old on page #12 is not a “Duck Dynasty” cast member. The Georgian, whose last name is Bearden, was charged Tuesday with battery; and 6) The piercing enthusiast, 36, on page #13 was arrested Tuesday for drunk driving by Oklahoma police. (13 pages)