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We've All Seen Hat Hair. But Ever See A Hair Hat?

Arrestee, 18, presents the latest in perp coiffure

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mugs: June 27, 2014

JUNE 30--The surprised Texan, 33, who opens this week’s mug shot roundup was jailed Monday for domestic assault, resisting arrest, and injury to a child. A few notes about his fellow suspects:

1) The 22-year-old Miami woman on page #2 was arrested Monday for possession of cocaine and marijuana; 2) Following her arrest Tuesday for violating parole, the 28-year-old Oregon woman on page #3 flashed a Scissor Gang Mafia sign for jailers; 3) The 18-year-old Michigan resident on page #5 was booked into custody Sunday. Despite appearances, his remarkable hairdo is not being held in place by that thin hair strap; 4) The banged-up South Carolinan, 18, on page #10 was popped Tuesday for drunk driving; 5) The 40-year-old Arkansan on page #11--who looks like comedian Louis C.K.’s younger brother--was nabbed Monday for possession of drug paraphernalia and failing to appear in court; 6) The Florida man, 26, on page #12 was collared by Miami cops for prostitution; and 7) The 23-year-old gentleman with the droopy earlobes on page #17 was busted Wednesday for battery. (17 pages)