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Man Wins Best Mug Shot Of The Week By A Neck

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Mug Shot Roundup

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Mugs: April 5, 2013

APRIL 5--The intense Florida woman, 25, who leads off this week’s mug shot roundup was collared for fraud, theft, and dealing in stolen property. As for fellow defendants, some notes:

1) The bespectacled 25-year-old Nebraskan on page #2 was busted last Friday for possession of child pornography; 2) The fresh-faced South Carolinian, 18, on page #5 was photographed Thursday after her arrest for breach of trust; 3) The long-necked Miami man, 46, on page #6 was busted Wednesday for battery; 4) On Wednesday, Chicago cops nabbed the 21-year-old gent on page #7 for prostitution; 5) Popped Thursday in California for public intoxication, the 33-year-old man on page #12 appears proud of his Michigan roots. Why else would he opt for an area code 517 tattoo on his forehead?; and 6) The Floridian, 34, on page #14 was jailed Sunday for trespassing. (14 pages)