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Fat-Lipped, Green-Slimed, Gender-Benders

Arrestee sets record for longest cleavage in roundup

Mug Shot Roundup

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2/8/13 Mug Shots

FEBRUARY 8--This week’s booking photo review begins with a beatific bearded guy from Oklahoma. The 33-year-old was nabbed Wednesday for public intoxication. As for our remaining suspects, some notes:

1) The 54-year-old Louisiana gent on page #3 was arrested Saturday for disturbing the peace. An examination of his forehead reveals that he probably should have opted for “Love” and “Hate” knuckle tattoos; 2) That is a 35-year-old Florida man on page #4. He was busted Saturday for disorderly conduct; 3) The pendulous Georgia perp, 31, on page #7 was jailed Wednesday for battery and trespassing; 4) It is unclear when the Floridian on page #8 was slimed. The 36-year-old was popped Sunday for drunk driving; and 5) That is an 18-year-old Tennessee man on page #13. He was busted Sunday for theft. (13 pages)