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FBI busts man for alleged airborne masturbation

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Plane Masturbating

MAY 23--In another repulsive in-flight episode, a Florida man was arrested last Thursday by the FBI after he allegedly “masturbated to the point of ejaculation” while traveling on a United Airlines flight en route to Colorado, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Kyle Pearce, 25, was busted after United Airlines Flight 340 arrived in Denver from Spokane, Washington, according to an affidavit sworn by FBI Agent Martin Daniel. Pearce, pictured at right, was named in a May 20 misdemeanor criminal complaint charging him with making an “obscene and indecent exposure of his person” on an aircraft.

As detailed by Daniel, an 18-year-old woman told investigators that she was seated in row 18 next to Pearce, who was in an aisle seat. “I sat next to a man on a plane who was masterbating [sic]. I heard a noise and looked over and saw his penis,” the teenager recalled in a written statement. She added, “He ejaculated & got some on the seat. Then he went to the bathroom for a long time.”

The woman reported that Pearce was wearing jeans tucked into cowboy boots, introduced himself as Kyle, and said he was connecting on to Orlando, Florida. Pearce’s MySpace page describes him as a junior college student who has been a bull rider for eight years.

A passenger seated directly behind Pearce, 18-year-old Grayson Miller, recalled that, “My friend Zach turned to me and said, ‘That man is masturbating’ and in disbelief, I looked and saw his penis and he was.” In his written statement, Miller reported that, “I hit him with my book in the arm, which caused him to stop and leave to the bathroom” in the Airbus A319.

During a brief appearance Friday in U.S. District Court in Denver, a magistrate judge ordered Pearce held in custody until a preliminary hearing scheduled for 2:30 this afternoon. Court records do not include the name of Pearce’s attorney.

If convicted of the airborne incident, Pearce faces a maximum of 90 days in jail and a year of supervised release. He can also be fined up to $5000.

The plane within which Pearce is said to have pleasured himself bears tail number N843UA. Since the May 19 incident, the aircraft has crisscrossed the country during 12 flights, and is currently en route to San Diego from Washington, D.C.. Presumably, evidence of the alleged crime has been eliminated by a United cleaning crew. (3 pages)

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I wanna know what the two guys sitting behind him were doing watching?!! Closet cases. lol Snakes on a plane for sure! LOL
I think the real problem is that this guy got very aroused for some reason and had no self-control, That means he's a sex addict, and S.A.s do those kinds of things in public, usually getting caught at some point. They get a thrill out of doing something risky and illegal with sex. It affects their jobs, social life, friends & family, just like alcoholism. I really don't think he was doing it for the benefit of the girl next to him. The nature of the condition is that one doesn't use common sense or good judgment. He really should be made to join a SAA group, which they should have in Florida.
Are you an expert on this subject?
The judge is ordering 'supervised release'?? Isn't that how this whole thing got started??
OH! That's a GOOD ONE! One bag of Skittles for you!! LOL
What a jerkoff!
This guy cannot be trusted alone with his own hands...perhaps they need to put a high tech-long-range satellite digital motion monitor bracklet w/electrical zapper on his wrists in order to help him comply with normal civilized behavior patterns while mingling among the traveling public..
Kyle Pearce probably told the 18-year-old female passenger "oh god, oh god, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come, oooooohhhhhh ... "
Can't blame Kyle for missing his bull. But fantasizing about it inflight to the point of ejaculation is a little extreme.
I bet this guys favorite Little Rascal was Spanky. His favorite TV station is Spank-O-Vision. His favorite Billy Squire song was Stroke Me.
Don't forget the EXPOS as well before the YANK-ees
You forgot his favorite baseball team--the YANKees!
found it rather ironic that hes being penalized with: "a maximum of 90 days in jail and a year of supervised release."
Supervised release? So does that mean a court-appointed officer has to watch him wack off for a year?
I think his object of desire was Mike from the Kurk and Mike show on the Edge. He likes fat middle aged white guys.
The cabin pressure plays havoc with your blood pressure.... Sweet release.
Does this sort of thing qualify for the "mile high" club?
"Thanks a lot bin Laden"
"He was probably a tea-bagger who voted for Obama." There, now I made a stupid useless comment to piss off both sides of the political spectrum.
At 1st I was like "WTF?", then I LOL'd.
Reading about this kind of behavior REALLY makes me want to review a photo of the "object of the desire"; and in this case, it's the 18-year old woman seated next to him. I would suppose that there's a high probability that many a "strong-willed" man might consider falling to this type of Hottie's temptation...
Classy. It's because of sick *** like you TSG blanked out her name. You're no better than the perp/perv.
No telling who (or what) his "object of the desire" was. Could have been the woman, could have been a flight attendent, could have been the two guys sitting behind him, could have been the last bull he rode. Most likely, it was the rodeo clown he'd been thinking about asking out ever since the clown threw himself on top of him to save him from the bull that nearly BROKE his BACK at the arena up on that MOUNTAIN.
This guy knows how to party. God bless.
I'm still counting this one as "Florida" even though the actual even occurred in someone else's airspace.
During a flight is stupid to find a little "ME" time. I wonder if he thinks he now qualifies for the for the Mile-High club.
He's a member of the Mile-Hand Club