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Elderly Perv Cops Plea For Vile Juice Act

Ohioan, 72, gets 100 days behind bars

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Juice Tainting Plea

FEBRUARY 7--A 72-year-old landscaper is serving 100 days in jail after pleading guilty to entering the home of a female client and masturbating into a bottle of orange juice that he then returned to a shelf in the victim’s refrigerator.

In a plea deal with Ohio prosecutors, Willis Gene Burdette copped to felony burglary and attempted felonious assault charges in connection with the repulsive incident last August.

In addition to the jail term, Burdette, seen above, was sentenced last month to three years probation and 200 hours of community service, and he was directed to complete a mental health assessment. Burdette is also barred from employment that would involve him gaining access to private homes.

According to police, Burdette’s victim paid him to perform yard work at her residence in Massillon, a city outside Canton. Before Burdette’s sentencing, the 61-year-old woman told the court that she was haunted by the “gross, disgusting act,” adding that she suspected that Burdette had similarly targeted other female clients.

The woman contacted police after her home security system recorded Burdette entering the residence one afternoon. Burdette, a criminal complaint noted, got into the home by “using a key located inside of her shed.” Once inside, the married septuagenarian “began to masturbate inside a small tool room near the garage.”

Burdette then “removed a bottle of orange juice from the refrigerator and cum inside the bottle of orange juice,” a Jackson Township Police Department detective reported. He then proceeded to “shake the bottle” before returning it to the refrigerator.

The tainted orange juice was not consumed by the homeowner.

Burdette was indicted for contaminating a substance for human consumption by knowingly mingling “a biological substance and/or harmful substance, to wit: semen, with a drink, when he knew or had reason to believe that the drink may be ingested or used by another person.” That count was plea bargained down to attempted assault, a lesser felony.

Burdette is locked up in the Stark County jail, where next month he will celebrate his 73rd birthday. (4 pages)