Bill O'Reilly Calls Us "Sleazy"

Loofah lover scolds The Smoking Gun over Jacko scoop

Bill O'Reilly

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Bill O'Reilly Calls Us "Sleazy"

JANUARY 20--So, we did this Michael Jackson story two weeks ago that we thought was pretty good, right? It was filled with all sorts of behind-the-scene details of the molestation case against the King of Pop, etc.

So imagine our deep disappointment when, the day after our January 6 story was posted, Fox News's Bill O'Reilly whined about new "very nasty stuff on the Internet about Jackson himself." Noting that it would be "unfair and immoral to try this case on television," the "O'Reilly Factor" host announced that he would not discuss our story's details or "even mention the website that it's on."

O'Reilly noted that today "anybody can allege anything" and "we have websites that take allegations, throw them up there. And they're, you know, not challenged." Then, the former "Inside Edition" host called us a "sleazy website."

Ouch. Bill, it seems, is still really pissed at us for posting that messy lawsuit about his Caribbean sex fantasies and other steamy topics. While we would not normally expect O'Reilly to leap to the defense of Jackson, who prefers the company of boys, TSG realized that the pair have something in common: they both know how to make lurid sex lawsuits disappear with a wave of their checkbook.

O'Reilly is also probably upset that we never sent him our 2004 holiday gift, which we delivered--in the nifty white box pictured at left--last month to friends of the site. Click on the photo to see what was inside the gift box. Since we don't hold grudges, Bill, drop us a line and we'll send you some swag. (5 pages)