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Nicole Richie Busted

Actress an inch shorter, five pounds lighter since '03 heroin bust

Nicole Richie mug shot

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Nicole Richie Busted

DECEMBER 11--Here's the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department booking sheet memorializing this morning's arrest of Nicole Richie for suspicion of driving under the influence.

The "Simple Life" star, 25, was nabbed at 1:45 AM by California Highway Patrol officers on a Burbank freeway after she was spotted driving erratically. After posting $15,000 bail, Richie (who's listed as 5' 1" and 85 pounds) was released from custody and is scheduled for a February 7 Municipal Court appearance on the misdemeanor charge.

She was previously arrested in February 2003 for heroin possession. Back then, the sheriff listed Richie as one inch taller and five pounds heavier. Oh, and in the intervening years her race has apparently changed from white to black.

Richie is pictured at left in a mug shot snapped this morning at the Glendale Police Department, where she was booked. (2 pages)