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Mom Busted For Hitting Son In Anger Class

Woman, 30, charged after counselor reported assault


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Angry Mom Warrant

FEBRUARY 10--While meeting with an anger management counselor, a Kentucky woman was seen punching her 10-year-old son in the face, according to cops who later arrested her on an assault charge.

A counselor spotted Misty Lawson, 30, striking the child last Saturday and contacted child welfare officials. Pictured in the below mug shots, Lawson was arrested yesterday afternoon by Louisville Metropolitan Police Department officers on a misdemeanor count.

The boy, cops noted, had a bruise on his cheek and “redness to eye.” As a result of her bust, Lawson’s children have been removed from her custody and placed in foster care, according to court records.

An arrest warrant alleges that Lawson hit the child “several times in the face and body area. This incident occurred during [Lawson’s] anger management session and was witnessed by counselor.” The counselor took the boy to a police station and reported the incident to Child Protective Services officials.

Lawson, who has been released from custody on her own recognizance, is scheduled to appear for arraignment Tuesday in Jefferson County District Court.

In a TSG interview, Lawson acknowledged that she “smacked” her son twice in the face after he called her a “bitch.” The boy, she added, has significant behavioral problems and was trying to attack her when she hit him. “They make it sound like I beat my child like an adult,” said Lawson.

The incident, Lawson said, occurred in her Louisville home while she was meeting with a counselor employed by a Kentucky state child services agency.

Lawson was arrested last June after she and a male companion left two children unattended in the back seat of a hot car parked outside a Kroger supermarket. Lawson and the man told cops that they had gone inside to have photos taken (and directed the children to stay in the vehicle).

Her rap sheet includes other busts for receiving stolen property, pot possession, menacing, resisting arrest, and contempt of court. (1 page)