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A Man (Riding On A Horse) Walks Into A Bar...

Louisianan busted for entering pub with equine escort


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Horse Walks Into A Bar

AUGUST 14--A Louisiana man was jailed early yesterday morning and charged with battery, public intimidation, and disturbing the peace after he rode his horse into a bar multiple times, and then lassoed a man and dragged him through a nearby parking lot.

According to a Lafayette Parrish jail arrest affidavit, James Mouton was “highly intoxicated” at Cowboy’s Saloon in Scott when he exited the bar and unloaded a horse from his vehicle parked outside. Witnesses told investigators that Mouton, 26, then “rode his horse inside the bar causing a severe disturbance.” He subsequently left the building and continued riding the horse around the parking lot and a local street.

When Mouton returned to the bar--still on horseback--he attempted to re-enter, but a patron escorted him and the animal outside. Once back in the parking lot, Mouton allegedly "'roped' a man using lasso and pulled him to the ground." He then continued riding through the lot, dragging the 47-year-old victim at the end of his rope.

According to Scott Police Chief Chad Leger, the victim suffered only “minor brush burns and scratches to his hand” as well as some “road rash.”

Mouton eventually rode home on his horse, later returning to the saloon on foot. Discovered by police hiding behind a horse trailer, Mouton was taken to the parish jail, where he posed for the above mug shot before posting $2750 bond. (1 page)