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Cops: Man Beat Father During Kool-Aid Dispute

Kin fought over how to properly prepare drink


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Kool-Aid Prep Punch

JUNE 21--A Florida man allegedly struck his disabled father several times on the head during an argument about how to make Kool-Aid, police report.

Brandon Antron Crosley, 22, was arrested Wednesday following the violent confrontation in the Cocoa apartment he shares with his father Greg.

According to a Cocoa Police Department report, Crosley fled the residence after attacking his kin, who was hit “two or three times in the head.” Crosley, seen in the adjacent mug shot, was subsequently apprehended at a neighboring apartment.

Greg Crosley, 48, told a cop that his son “was making Kool-Aid and was doing it wrong,” so he “attempted to give Brandon advice on how to properly prepare the drink.”

The ensuing “verbal altercation,” an investigator noted, “became physical when Brandon began to punch Greg in the head with closed fist.” The police report does not specify how Crosley was improperly preparing the Kool-Aid.

The elder Crosley told an officer that he has been permanently disabled since a 2004 auto accident, and needs a cane when he walks.

Brandon Crosley was charged with felony domestic violence and booked into the Brevard County jail, where he is being held in lieu of $1000. He is scheduled for a July 18 arraignment in Circuit Court.

Last December, a Tennessee man allegedly assaulted the mother of his three-month-old son after she refused to make him some Kool-Aid. The alleged attack resulted in domestic violence and aggravated kidnapping charges being filed against Robert Joseph Atkins, the 32-year-old Kool-Aid enthusiast. (1 page)