DOCUMENT: K-12, Crime

Cops: Girl, 12, Sold Stun Guns To Classmates

Weapons charge for child arrested at school

FEBRUARY 26--A 12-year-old Florida girl is facing criminal charges after she admitted to selling stun guns to classmates, police report.

According to investigators, a staff member at Coleman Middle School in Tampa today alerted administrators that pupils had reported that a female student possessed a stun gun on campus.

In response to the tips, a school resource officer removed the young suspect from class and questioned her about the weapon allegations. The girl, cops say, admitted to purchasing five stun guns online and bringing them to school this week for resale to fellow students.

The child said she sold three of the weapons yesterday, and police are seeking to retrieve those stun guns from the parents of the purchasers.

The girl, whose name police have released, was found today in possession of two stun guns manufactured by Vipertek, which offers some models that retail for less than $15.  

The underage weapons dealer was transported to Tampa’s juvenile assessment center, where she was booked for possession of a weapon on school property. Owing to the non-violent nature of the alleged offense, the girl will likely be released into the custody of a parent.