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Cops: Florida Boy A Serial School Fondler

Suspect, 14, asked one girl to play "nervous game"


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Teen School Fondler

OCTOBER 20--A Florida boy is facing felony charges for allegedly fondling three female classmates while in their high school, telling one of the victims to “picture you and me, naked in a tub,” and asking another girl if she wanted to play the “nervous game,” which involved him sliding his hand up her thigh.

The 14-year-old suspect was arrested Monday in connection with a series of incidents last month at East Lee County High School in Lehigh Acres. The teen was released early yesterday from a juvenile detention facility and is scheduled for a November 16 court appearance.

According to a Lee County Sheriff’s Office report, the three teenage girls told deputies that the suspect groped them both under and over their clothing, usually while he was seated next to them in class. One girl told a detective that she sought to move seats at one point, “but due to lack of space” in their computer class, “she ended up sitting close to the suspect.”

The report does not indicate whether a teacher was present when the various incidents occurred.

The 6’ 1” boy, accompanied by his mother, was interviewed by investigators Monday. His statements to deputies were redacted by the sheriff’s office prior to the release of the incident report. The teen suspect is pictured in the redacted mug shot at left. (2 pages)

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Uh, in case nobody noticed, they intended to give up this kids identity and I'm wondering why, since I believe it's against the law to expose a kid's identity. How is it that when it's a white kid, there is ample info to easily identify the kid from within the community, but when it's any OTHER, well, you get the picture. That was first thing I noticed-- they posted his PICTURE (like covering up his eyes will prevent anyone from identifying him...DUH). He may have made some bad mistakes, but he had a shot at turning his life around. Can I give you the name of one of the OTHER guys who sexually harrassed me, as well a bunch of other girls, from high school and see how you would post HIS article?
The press is free to publish any information gathered at a public hearing. Florida law also permits the police to release the name and address of a child 16 years of age or older who has been arrested for a felony. Learn the Law
i hope this kid get some counseling versus put into juvenile facility. he sounds more mixed up up than dangerous...well, at least as of now. We can depend on a juvenile facility stay only exasperating a bad situation.
Hey you guys left the kids name on the first page of the police report. You might want to redact that since he is a juvenile.