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Phony Facebook Page Vexes Man Who Dated Teen

Victim accuses ex-girlfriend’s father of online revenge


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Fake Facebook Profile

JANUARY 31--A South Carolina man who recently broke up with his 17-year-old girlfriend contacted cops this weekend to file a complaint alleging that the girl’s father had created a phony Facebook page that described him as gay and included a profile photo of three shirtless men kissing.

Lance Mobley, 21, walked into the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Saturday morning “in reference to false things being published about him on Facebook,” according to a January 29 sheriff’s report. Mobley, pictured at right, told TSG that he was informed Saturday that he would have to return to the sheriff’s office today to meet with an investigator.

Mobley, who was recently laid off from his job with an auto wrecker, said that he was going to the sheriff’s department later this afternoon.

Mobley charged that Ricky Culbreth, his ex-girlfriend’s father, had created the fictitious Facebook account after he “became mad at him because he broke up with his daughter.” Police noted that the phony Facebook page “states that Mr. Mobley is interested in having sex with men as well as children and that he is a homosexual,” and that the page includes Mobley’s phone number.

The phony Facebook page--which includes an actual photo of Mobley--lists his occupation as “Street Walker” and claims that, “i wear panties sometime its a thong if you are a girl then dont bother me im only interesting in guys only.” The page, which appears to have been created in the past week, includes the names of five friends, including Culbreth’s teenage daughter.

In an interview today, Culbreth, 39, said that he was aware of the phony Facebook page, but denied creating it. He acknowledged being angry at Mobley because he did not break up with his daughter face-to-face (the couple had dated all of about a month, according to Culbreth, who is seen at left).

The fake Facebook page remained online at press time. (3 pages)

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Haha It's funny how people say stuff like "Oh they fish and hunt and like to ride in trucks and not a prius how dumb! I bet there idiots too JUST because they are from South Carolina." True these people are total nimwits, but you have no reason to hate on the state or location. Remember that that is part of your country your talking about! But boy does it feel good not to be breathing in chemicals and smog like people in crowded cities. at least we don't have stupid crap like Jersey Shore.
Greeble is right. For music, Mr. Mobley has Country Music (no surpise), favorite movies includes Fast And The Furious, television is COPS and NASCAR, interests are Racing, Huntin (SIC) and Shooting Guns, and for books he wrote "Don't Read". I think he meant to write "Can't Read".
I'm from South Carolina and I like to hunt, shoot guns, and well I hate country music and NASCAR, and can read with no problem. So why don't you stop feeding the stereotypes.
Lord jumped up Jesus on bennies. If my father-in-law had looked like that I wouldn't have stuck it out a week with my husband, let alone a month. Imagine that face walking the woman that you love down the aisle? Anyone else get the impression that the dad's about 3 feet tall and has a complex about it?
This is why we in the Carolina's distinguish between "North" and "South" Carolina.
Haha Im from South Carolina and trust me North Carolina is no better. I would rather be right here in South carolina any day.
Anyone else hear banjos playing?
This Hillbilly related to the Arson witness here:
OMG thats my uncle I always knew he was an idiot but...REALLY? come on man
Let him know that his bob haircut really accentuates his triangular head.
He looks like the kind of guy who'd get angry because his 17 year-old daughter was dumped by a 21 year-old unemployed auto wrecker. Where is she going to find another prospect like that? I checked out his real Facebook page. It's funnier than the fake one.
What the hell is 21 YEAR OLD MAN doing dating a 17 year old girl? AM i the only one who thinks that is wrong? I mean what the hell can a 17 offer a 21 yr old man?
If they were 34 yrs old and 30 yrs old would you say the same thing? I think not. You are right though, in society, under 17 is rape. Remember this is back waters country where you can marry your 1st cousin and nobody says anything.
Dude what the hell are you talking about? Please do stay up in NYC and inhale your smog. I have lived in South Carolina for all my life and NEVER heard of anyone marrying their cousins. So please why don't you shove the stereotypical shiat up your ass.
Legally the age of consent varies. Such as in Michigan the age of consent law is 16, same in North Carolina and many other states. Plus they dated, it says nothing about sex. Plus looking at the pictures most likely it's all redneck hicks that do nothing but hunt, fish and drive their trucks but yet have no personality beyond what their stereotype says about them. So in effect they're perfect matches intellectually. God knows they won't be debating politics, talking about books or anything like that.
Now if this was a club and the comic came out, and said that on stage, everyone in the house would bust out laughing when the answer turns out to be a tight woo woo.
I would like to see a picture of the broken hearted daughter just to see what the hell she looks like. I can only imagine after seeing 50% of her gene pool.
Did you think of looking at the fake facebook profile they link to several times in the article and mention that it has her as a friend? I mean, it's just a screen grab, but you can still see the picture or get her name to find her profile and see her picture.
Personally, I think Ken Burns was right to get mad at Mr. Mobley.
Dude!! I almost spit out a mouthfull of coffee!! Nailed it!!
If a creepy-looking bastard like that broke up with my daughter, I'd consider that a reason to celebrate, not an excuse for revenge.
I think the "creepy-looking" dude in the pic is the father - not the ex-boyfriend. They added the ex-boyfriend's pic while I was typing this! They are both kinda creepy-looking :)
That's her dad.
Can you imagine what she looks like?
The best advice I could give to the daughter is to sever her relationship to both these creeps.
Centuries of in breeding have netted this genius. Was he mad that the guy didn't sleep with his daughter ? I guess because he didn't break up with her face to face. She should date her brothers or cousins, keep the gene pool going.