Feds: Granny Mailed Ganja To Granddaughter

Pot, hash seized before it reached 17-year-old

Medical Marijuana

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Grandma Mails Drugs

DECEMBER 3--A doting grandmother is facing a narcotics distribution charge after federal agents intercepted a package containing pot and hash that she mailed to her 17-year-old granddaughter, according to court records.

Last month, a postal manager in Bullhead City, Arizona contacted federal agents to report that a parcel sent from California was “emanating what was believed to be a strong odor of marijuana.” The parcel was addressed to a girl who is identified as “Jane Doe” in a criminal complaint.

After the teen gave cops permission to open the package, a postal inspector found a wooden, heart-shaped box with the inscription “Somebody loves you…me.” The box contained a “green medical cannabis bottle that contained suspected marijuana” and a “vial of a brown substance that was labeled ‘Calif Hash.’” The bottle was sealed in a plastic baggie labeled “Happy Stuff.”

The seized marijuana weighed .06 pounds.

The girl told investigators that the package was sent by her grandmother, Marilyn Caezza (the parcel’s return address included the name “M. Caezza”). The teenager said that she had previously told Caezza, 53, that she needed some pot, which helps her to sleep. Caezza, the girl added, works at a “medical dispensary” in California.

During a subsequent phone interview, Caezza told a postal inspector that she volunteered at a pot dispensary in Riverside, California, where “her duties include trimming the marijuana plants.” Caezza copped to mailing the marijuana to her granddaughter, whom she knew was only 17.

Caezza, pictured above with another grandchild, was named in a December 1 complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Flagstaff, Arizona. If convicted of the felony distribution count, she faces a maximum of five years in prison. (5 pages)