Ohioan Named Rock Warned Not To Rock

"You can't play Led Zeppelin quietly," man said

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Led Zeppelin Report

JANUARY 11--When Ohio cops questioned him about a neighbor’s complaint that he was blasting music at 1:30 AM Saturday, Nathan Rock offered a justification, of sorts, for his rocking out.

Rock, 40, explained that, “You can’t play Led Zeppelin quietly,” according to a police report.

Rock’s 60-year-old neighbor told the Erie County Sheriff’s Office that he “began to play music loudly and was singing,” which prompted her to text him with a demand that the music be turned down.

Rock, who works at a Wendy’s near his apartment in Huron, a city 55 miles west of Cleveland, apologized, explaining that he was “trying to practice singing as he intended on booking studio time in the near future to record an album.”

When a sheriff’s deputy spoke with Rock at Wendy’s, the aspiring performer copped to the early morning racket and “justified his actions by stating you can’t play Led Zeppelin quietly.”

While Rock’s statement is certifiably true, the lawman still warned that Rock would be charged with disorderly conduct if police received another noise complaint. “Rock stated he understood,” the report notes. (1 page)