McDonald's Patron Sought For Filet-O-Fish Rage

Suspect faces felony rap for meltdown

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Filet-O-Fish Fit

AUGUST 15--A “crazed” McDonald’s customer whose Filet-O-Fish order was somehow botched at the drive-thru window “pitched a fit” and began bashing another vehicle with a shopping cart, Florida police report.

The male suspect, who remains at large, was in line Sunday at a McDonald’s in Sarasota when he “did not get his fillet of fish,” according to cops.

Denied his $3.79 fish sandwich, the driver proceeded to “pitch a fit,” a police report notes.

The suspect left the drive-thru line (seen below), exited his vehicle, and then grabbed a nearby shopping cart (the police report does not indicate where the suspect sourced said cart).

Investigators say the man then began smashing the cart into the side of a vehicle owned by a 46-year-old Bradenton woman. The victim’s car, cops estimated, sustained about $2000 in damages.

Fit complete, the suspect returned to his auto and fled. The victim and witnesses told police that they did not know the man’s identity.

Cops have classified the McDonald’s meltdown as felony criminal mischief since the damage the suspect caused exceeded $1000. (1 page)