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Ballsy Suspect Hid Cash On Self

Feds: Fraudster tied $1540 to scrotum with shoelace


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Money On A String

SEPTEMBER 7--In a revelation that will spawn a slew of jokes about the size of one fraud suspect’s balls, a Florida man arrested Friday was found with more than $1500 tied to his scrotum with a shoelace, according to federal investigators.

The cash was lashed to the nether regions of Steven Black, one of five defendants named last week in a criminal complaint charging them with conspiracy, identity theft, and fraud. Black, 22, and his codefendants allegedly traveled from Florida to Missouri as part of a credit card and check fraud ring, according to filings in U.S. District Court in St. Louis.

According to an affidavit sworn by Secret Service Agent Bryce Husack, Black was busted last Monday after fleeing from a car that was being chased by local cops. “A search of Black pursuant to his arrest revealed $1,540.00 in currency tied to his scrotum with a shoe lace,” reported Husack.

Husack’s affidavit, a copy of which you’ll find here, does not detail the denominations of the bills recovered, nor does it disclose who was charged with counting the loot. It also offers no insight as to why Black eschewed a wallet or money clip in favor of his private protuberance.

Black’s rap sheet includes collars for cocaine possession, grand theft, tampering with evidence, resisting arrest, and pot possession, according to court records. Black’s attorney, Daniel Juengel, did not return a TSG call seeking comment about his client, who remains in federal custody. (2 pages)

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Talk about bein' Blackballed...
or the Root of All Evil!
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You suppose he practiced with a smaller bankroll?
Some cohones!
Another man destined for a life in prison.
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