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Woman Arrested For Xylophone Rage Attack

Police: Perp poured pot of cold grease on man

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Xylophone Rage

APRIL 27--For the first time ever, a defendant has been charged in connection with a xylophone rage incident, records show.

According to investigators, Floridian April Encarnacion, 43, was collared earlier this month on a domestic battery charge after police responded to a residence in Fort Walton Beach.

Encarnacion, cops say, was in the kitchen with the male victim, who “was playing a xylophone” around 9:20 PM. Encarnacion--apparently not enjoying the Friday evening musical performance--“asked him to stop,” according to a court filing.

When the man refused, Encarnacion, seen above, “dumped a pot of cold cooking grease on him.”

An officer who responded to a 911 call noted that the victim had wet spots on his shirt and shorts, and that “there was a puddle of liquid on the ground where the victim was sitting near the xylophone.”

During police questioning, Encarnacion--who is jailed in lieu of $3000 bond--reportedly confessed to the April 14 attack. Charged with misdemeanor battery, Encarnacion is next scheduled for a May 2 court appearance.

Encarnacion, an unemployed housekeeper, is already serving a probation sentence in connection with a 2015 no contest plea to a felony charge of battery on a police officer.

An arrest report does not reveal whether the xylophone was of the Fisher Price variety or more like the instrument pictured below. (2 pages)