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Trump Superfan Convicted Of Voter Fraud

Man signed dead father's name to 2020 ballot

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Voter Fraud Conviction

DECEMBER 6--A felonious MAGA warrior was convicted yesterday of multiple voter fraud counts for forging a vote-by-mail ballot in the name of his late father, who died of COVID-19 prior to the November 2020 election.

A jury in Sumter County, Florida found Robert Rivernider, 58, guilty following a one-day trial, records show. Rivernider was convicted of forgery, fraud, and passing a counterfeit instrument.

Prosecutors alleged that Rivernider forged his father’s name on a ballot which was postmarked days after the older man’s October 2020 death. A criminal complaint stated that an analysis of the signature on the 2020 ballot appeared similar to Rivernider’s signature and did not match prior versions of his father’s signature.

While a prosecutor sought Rivernider’s detention prior to his sentencing on the three felony counts--each of which carries a maximum five-year prison term--Circuit Court Judge Mary Hatcher allowed him to remain free on bond.

Seen at right, Rivernider is a diehard Donald Trump supporter who has served on the board of Villagers for Trump, the leading Trump/MAGA group in The Villages retirement community. He has also reported working as a GOP field organizer in Florida and Georgia.

Rivernider moved into his father’s Florida home after his May 2020 release from federal prison, where he served about 7 years for defrauding victims in a real estate investment scheme. A federal judge granted Rivernider a “compassionate release” from custody due to his medical history and the COVID-19 spread in prison.

In online posts, Rivernider claimed his release from custody was “thanks to President Trump” and that “TRUMP WON.”

In addition to receiving 144 months in the federal fraud case, Rivernider was sentenced to five years probation, a term which began upon his departure from custody. Following his recent arrest in the Florida voter fraud case, a federal judge ruled that Rivernider had violated terms of his supervised release. However, Judge Robert Chatigny deferred action on any possible sanctions.

Rivernider was also ordered to pay $22 million in restitution, but he has balked at a repayment plan and has blamed representatives of the “United States Corporation” for his legal trouble. As TSG reported in October:

In a June 2023 motion--which he filed pro se--Rivernider declared that the “Department of INJustice” has made a mockery of the rule of law and the federal bench has “refused to recognize FRAUD ON THE COURT.” As such, since “anyone can identify as anything they like,” Rivernider asked the judge to “identify and treat the defendant in the above-captioned case as “HUNTER BIDEN” from this point forward.”

In addition to asking the court to “dismiss the entire case,” Rivernider sought an apology “to the defendants and their families, order the persecutors to do the same, and all resign.”

Rivernider’s motion was dismissed as “frivolous” by Chatigny. (3 pages)