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Domestic Battery Triggered By Sting Song

Police: Ex-Police man's tune escalated dispute

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Triggered By Sting

FEBRUARY 2--A domestic dispute between a Florida couple turned violent after one of the men went into the duo's bedroom and played a song by Sting, police report.

According to an incident report, Byron Haynes and Yakeme Moore were arguing in their Bradenton residence Sunday evening when matters escalated and “turned physical.”  

Haynes told police that he went into the bedroom and began playing "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free," a 1985 Sting song containing the lyrics “If you love someone set them free.” Moore, 26, then began “breaking stuff in the lanai.”

When Haynes threatened to call 911, Moore allegedly grabbed his boyfriend and “pushed his head against the wall.” When Haynes sought to leave the residence, Moore “pulled and ripped his shirt” and bit Haynes on the lip, cops allege.

During police questioning, Moore reportedly admitted grabbing Haynes by the head to keep him from departing, but said he was “not being aggressive just wanted to show him that he loved him.” Moore copped to tearing Haynes’s shirt, though he claimed that Haynes “busted his lip accidentally on top of his head.”

Pictured above, Moore was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery. He is locked up in the county jail on $2500 bond--$500 for the battery count and $2000 for a contempt charge stemming from his failure to appear in court on a 2016 citation for driving without a license. (1 page)