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Naked Driver Takes Toll On Collectors

Cops: Man exposed self seven times at plazas

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Toll Exposure

SEPTEMBER 13--A motorist is facing multiple felony charges for allegedly exposing himself to a series of toll collectors working on a Florida expressway.

Mark Fillyaw, 41, was arrested Saturday and charged in connection with a one-week exposure spree that began on August 31 and victimized workers at three separate toll plazas in Osceola County.

Fillyaw exposed himself seven times while passing through the cash lanes of the plazas, according to an arrest report.

In interviews with Florida Highway Patrol investigators, toll collectors said that Fillyaw “had no clothes on” and was “showing his privates” and “touching his penis masturbating.”

Fillyaw, cops say, was identified by the individual toll collectors “through a photo comparison and his identity matched exactly.” He was arrested at his residence in Saint Cloud and booked into the county jail on six felony exposure of sexual organs counts and one misdemeanor exposure charge.

While court records indicate that a judge yesterday issued a commitment order, Fillyaw (seen above) is no longer in custody, according to jail records. (2 pages)