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Raunchy Duo Busted For Lewd Encounter

Public tryst in roadway, atop car ends in handcuffs

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Gulfport Tryst

JANUARY 10--Is there anything sexier on a balmy winter night than two middle-aged Floridians having sex in public atop the hood of car parked near the entrance to the Gulfport Veterans Memorial Park?

Well, perhaps.

According to police, Penny Snoots, 56, and Thomas Lewis, 58, were arrested early Tuesday evening for publicly engaging in lewd and lascivious behavior.

A witness told cops that he was pulling into his driveway around 7 PM when he spotted a man “standing in the middle of the road receiving oral sex from the female subject.” The couple then proceeded to have sex “on the vehicle’s hood.”

When Officer Selena Ramos of the Gulfport Police Department arrived on the scene, she identified Snoots and Lewis, pictured above, as the individuals seen consorting by the witness. As she drove up in her cruiser, Ramos saw Lewis, a St. Petersburg fireman, pulling up and buttoning his pants. The cop also spotted Snoots, whose rear end was exposed, walking away from Lewis and pulling up her pants.

Snoots and Lewis were each arrested on a misdemeanor lewd and lascivious behavior charge and booked into the Pinellas County jail (from which they were later released on bond). Snoots was also hit with a marijuana possession charge after a small amount of pot was found in her bag. (2 pages)