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Police Collar Crucifix Crook

Florida burglar used cross to pry open church poor boxes


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Cops Collar Crucifix Crook

JULY 20--A burglar who allegedly used a crucifix to break into a donation box at a Catholic church was charged today in connection with the heist last month.

George Horn, 48, allegedly broke a window to gain access to St. John's Catholic Church on June 26. While inside, he took a crucifix from the altar and used it as a "pry bar" to open the donation box under a stand filled with devotional candles.

As seen here, Horn--crucifix in hand--was caught on video by a church surveillance camera. Along with rifling the candle box, Horn also broke into two church poor boxes, according to a Fort Lauderdale Police Department report. He was charged after police completed a probe that included the recovery of DNA evidence from the crime scene, which included a large amount of blood left behind by the burglar.

Horn, pictured in the above mug, is being held in the Broward County jail on the felony count. (4 pages)

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He will burn for this!
Not being a religious person, but could you get any lower than that?