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Woman Finds Strangers Having Sex In Her Yard

Just another sunny afternoon in Key West

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Key West Strangers

SEPTEMBER 25--A Florida homeowner found two strangers having sex in her yard Monday afternoon, according to cops who arrested the pair on trespass and indecent exposure charges.

The Key West woman told police that she initially heard individuals arguing in the side yard of her residence, which is two blocks from the waterfront. When the 52-year-old witness went to investigate the disturbance, she discovered a man and woman having sex against a wall, according to a Key West Police Department arrest report.

Officers responding to a 911 call confronted the couple around 5 PM as they were lying down in the yard. The suspects, Stephen James Dean, 36, and Teresa Ann Behan, 49, both smelled of alcohol and appeared intoxicated, police reported.

Asked what they were doing at the Margaret Street residence, Behan claimed that “James,” her “music promoter,” lived there. But Dean was more forthcoming, and “spontaneously uttered” that they were having sex in the yard, cops reported.

Pictured above, Dean and Behan were arrested for indecent exposure and trespassing, both misdemeanors. Behan was also charged with a pair of felonies after she allegedly kicked and punched a patrolman. Dean was also hit with a felony for allegedly threatening to kill two Key West cops.

Dean and Behan, who are being held in the Monroe County jail, are scheduled for arraignment on October 11. (3 pages)