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Egg Roll Rage Lands Suspect Behind Bars

Cops: Man, 46, shoved girlfover Chinese grub

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Egg Roll Rage

MARCH 22--A drunk Florida Man allegedly shoved his girlfriend outside her residence because “he wanted to come in and eat egg rolls,” according to a court complaint.

Cops charge that Keith Johnson, 44, showed up at the victim’s Milton home around 8 PM Monday and began ringing the doorbell. The 60-year-old woman told cops that Johnson was intoxicated and that she “did not want him in her house.”

The victim, who has dated Johnson on-and-off for more than four years, said that he “wanted to eat egg rolls that were in the house.” When the woman stepped outside her home to say that she would bring the egg rolls out to him, Johnson allegedly shoved her into the front door.

When questioned by police, Johnson said that he wanted the victim “to heat up his egg rolls.” Asked if he pushed the woman when she refused him entry to her residence, Johnson reportedly replied, “I admit I pushed her.”

Officers then arrested Johnson, seen above, for battery.

A witness who dialed 911 when she heard Johnson and the victim arguing told cops that Johnson was “mad because she wouldn’t let him in the house and he was yelling about egg rolls.”

Johnson, who lives in Pensacola and works as an electrician, is being held in the Santa Rosa county jail in lieu of $500 bond. He is scheduled for an April 2 arraignment on the misdemeanor count. (2 pages)