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Cops: Customer Deposited Coke In Bank ATM

Tech discovered drug after machine got jammed

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Coke Deposit

FEBRUARY 27--Investigators are seeking to identify the Florida bank customer who included a bag of cocaine along with cash deposited at an ATM machine, records show.

According to a police report, a technician was directed to examine an ATM that had gone out of service earlier this month at a Suncoast Credit Union branch in Bradenton (seen below). The ATM’s “deposit mechanism was jammed,” cops noted.

Upon studying the ATM, the technician discovered what caused the jam: “a small clear baggie containing a white powdery substance.” Cops reported that the technician concluded that “the substance was possibly with the cash of the last person who made the deposit causing the malfunction."

Police “obtained the name on the bank account of the last deposit made just before the ATM was placed out of service,” the report states. “At this time it is unknown if the substance came from the last cash deposit or prior deposits.”

The powdery substance, cops reported, tested positive for cocaine and was “placed into property and evidence.” (1 page)