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Man Batters Girlfriend With A Burrito

Dope, 41, faces misdemeanor count for attack

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Another Burrito Attack

FEBRUARY 12--For the second time in as many weeks, a Florida Man has been arrested for battering a woman with a burrito, according to court records.

Police charge that Peter Elacqua, 41, got into an argument with his girlfriend Friday in their Port Richey residence.

After Elacqua allegedly shoved the woman into a chair in their bedroom, he “threw his burrito at the Victim,” striking her in the face with the food item.

When a sheriff’s deputy arrived at the home in response to a 911 call, the woman had “the contents of the burrito dispersed across her face, neck, and left chest/shoulder area.”

Elacqua, pictured at right in a 2017 mug shot, fled the area before cops arrived and refused to return home when contacted on his cell phone. He subsequently “turned his phone off and no further contact was made.”

Police eventually caught up with Elacqua yesterday afternoon and arrested him on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. He was booked into the county jail in advance of a court hearing today.

Elacqua’s rap sheet includes prior arrests for cocaine possession; aggravated battery with a deadly weapon; methamphetamine possession; domestic battery; violating probation; and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On January 27, police arrested Floridian Victor Fosser, 49, for allegedly striking his wife in the face with a Taco Bell burrito. (1 page)