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Woman Claims Pot Haul Was For Her Arthritis

Cops busted Floridian, 56, with pot bricks, cash in car

Marijuana bricks

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Florida Pot Bust

OCTOBER 19--A Florida Keys woman caught with about seven pounds of marijuana in her car told police that she was not trafficking the pot, but rather needed the large stash to counteract symptoms from her rheumatoid arthritis.

Not buying that shaky explanation, cops arrested Lillian Jennen, 56, for felony drug possession.

Acting on a tip that Jennen was transporting marijuana, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies stopped her car Friday evening as it traveled southbound on U.S. 1 (she was not wearing a seatbelt).

During questioning, Jennen seemed “nervous” and “her hands were shaking and her respirations appeared to be rapid,” according to a sheriff’s report. A deputy also detected the smell of  “fresh marijuana.” Which, of course, resulted in the search of Jennen and her 1998 Saturn SL.

As seen in the above evidence photo (click to enlarge), deputies seized a cloth bag containing five marijuana bricks. Two bags on the front seat contained a total of $5070 in cash.

During questioning, Jennen, pictured at left, “admitted to having seven pounds of marijuana in the vehicle that she paid $5,000.00 in Miami.” She also told deputies that she “suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and uses the marijuana to relieve her pain.” She added that the recovered cash was intended for the purchase of additional pot, but “she changed her mind and decided to only buy the seven pounds.”

Jennen was booked into the Marathon Jail on a drug possession charge. Released on her own recognizance, she was also issued a seat belt citation.

Jennen has not previously been arrested in the Sunshine State, according to Florida Department of Law Enforcement records. (2 pages)