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Camera Captures Balletic Felon's Handgun Toss

FBI: Man nabbed after botched Walgreens robbery

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Gun Tosser

AUGUST 26--Following the botched armed robbery of a Walgreens in Milwaukee, a Wisconsin man fled the crime scene and threw his loaded handgun on the roof of a nearby building, a move recorded in all its balletic glory by a nearby surveillance camera.

According to the FBI, Lamont Walker, 32, tried to rob the pharmacy Wednesday morning, but an employee saw Walker--who was wearing a mask and carrying a 9mm firearm--approaching and fled the front counter.

“The subject looked up and saw that no one was at the cash register,” FBI Agent Matthew Gibson reported. The gunman then ran out of the store.

A witness flagged down a Milwaukee Police Department cruiser and cops began pursuing Walker, who could be seen carrying a firearm and a black jacket. As Walker passed Pete’s Fruit Market, he threw the gun--a Jimenez Arms 9mm with 13 rounds of .380 caliber ammunition--onto the roof of the business.

As seen above, Walker’s toss was captured by a store surveillance camera.

Walker was subsequently apprehended in an alley near the fruit market. He was named Thursday in a U.S. District Court complaint charging him with multiple crimes, including felon in possession of a firearm. Walker’s rap sheet includes prior convictions for robbery, theft, and taking a vehicle without consent.

A federal magistrate has ordered Walker’s detention pending trial. (3 pages)