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What Not To Do When A Facebook Friend Is A Snitch

Accused counterfeiter faces rap over phone threats


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Ohio Jail Threats

AUGUST 8--Set up by an acquaintance who cooperated with Secret Service agents, an accused counterfeiter used a jail telephone to direct a friend to go on Facebook and “let everyone know” that the man is a “snitch."

During that July 27 call from the Lucas County jail in Ohio, Shawn Quinney, 24, noted that the informant, Carl Perkins, “set my cool ass up.” He added, “Let that nigger know I am coming for him…put it on Facebook. Let everyone know that nigger’s a snitch.”

Quinney made sure to provide Perkins’s Facebook profile name: “Look him up on Facebook, Carl ‘So Polish’ Perkins.”

A check today of Quinney’s Facebook page shows that Perkins remains among his 167 friends. Of course, Quinney (seen at right) is not currently in a position to access his profile and update his friends list.

As a result of the 4:32 phone call, which was recorded by jailers, Quinney was named in an August 4 criminal complaint charging him with obstruction of justice for “retaliating against a witness, victim or informant.” He is also facing a separate state forgery count.

According to U.S. District Court filings, Quinney and an associate ran their counterfeiting operation from a room at a Comfort Inn in Toledo. After allegedly using Easy-Off oven cleaner to remove ink from genuine $1 bills, the men then placed the scrubbed paper in a printer tray and scanned images of $20 and $50 bills. (2 pages)