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Federal Charges For Man Caught Peeing In-Flight

Passenger photographed perp relieving himself

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The Wild Frontier

MAY 21--A Colorado man is facing federal charges after allegedly groping a female airline passenger and then urinating on the seat in front of him, according to an FBI affidavit.

Michael Allen Haag, 45, was traveling Thursday night from Denver to Charleston, South Carolina on Frontier Airlines when he became unruly and disrupted the flight, investigators allege.

Haag, drinking double vodka and tonics aboard Flight F9864, told a woman seated next to him that he was traveling to South Carolina to meet with an old girlfriend and was “physically excited.” The woman said Haag pestered her with personal questions and kept looking at her “chest and legs as she was wearing a tank top and shorts.”

Haag, in a middle seat, then began to touch a second woman seated on his other side, according to an affidavit sworn by FBI Agent Timothy Smith. After first touching the sleeping woman’s fingers, Haag allegedly twice touched the woman’s legs, prompting her to yell “Stop touching me.” The woman then summoned a flight attendant, who moved Haag to a seat in the plane’s last row.

While in the rear of the aircraft, a third female passenger told the FBI, Haag removed his seatbelt “and started urinating on the seat in front of him.” As seen above, the passenger snapped a photo of Haag relieving himself. She then screamed for flight attendants, who responded by moving Haag to the front of the plane.

Upon landing in South Carolina, Haag was removed from the aircraft by officers with the Charleston Aviation Authority Police Department. 

Haag (seen at left) was named Friday in a U.S. District Court complaint that accuses him of interfering with flight crew members and obscene or indecent exposure of genitals. He was released from custody on a $25,000 bond, which restricts his travel to South Carolina and Colorado and bars “excessive” alcohol use.

The most recent update on Haag’s Facebook page indicates that he checked into a Charleston boutique hotel on Saturday. (3 pages)