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Lap Dance Offers End With Woman In Cuffs

Tipsy Floridian, 28, also asked officers to “bang”

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Free Lap Dances

APRIL 26--After offering “random citizens" lap dances, a tipsy Florida Woman asked police if they wanted to “bang” on the sidewalk and threatened to assault paramedics if they came near her, according to an arrest report.

Cops responding to a disturbance call Saturday evening encountered Olivia Taylor-Washek, 28, on the sidewalk outside a bar in St. Petersburg. Taylor-Washek, cops say, had been “stumbling on the sidewalk and attempting to give random citizens lap dances outside of a business.”

The arrest paperwork does not indicate whether any lap dances were actually consummated.

Seen at right, Taylor-Washek was “highly intoxicated” and stumbling, prompting officers to call for a fire rescue team. However, Taylor-Washek was not evaluated “due to threatening to punch paramedics if they touched her.”

After police reportedly gave Taylor-Washek multiple chances to call someone for assistance in getting to her nearby apartment--or accept their offer to walk her home--she “continued to yell profanities” at cops and bystanders. She also allegedly asked officers “if they wanted to ‘bang’ on the sidewalk.”

The arrest paperwork does not indicate whether any banging was actually consummated (though it seems unlikely).

After continuing the 8:30 PM disturbance--which included Taylor-Washek yelling that police were going to shoot her--she was arrested for disorderly intoxication, a misdemeanor.

Taylor-Washek was released yesterday afternoon on her own recognizance from the county jail. (1 page)