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Felony Charge Over Illicit Juul Scheme

Woman, 19, offered cop sex for vape device

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Vape Barter

SEPTEMBER 1--A 19-year-old Floridian arrested after she pulled her pants down and urinated in front of a cop car made matters worse on her way to jail when she allegedly offered to perform a sex act on a patrolman in exchange for her Juul e-cigarette, records show.

Madison Ann Bryant was charged Sunday with disorderly intoxication, a misdemeanor, and offering a bribe to a public servant, a felony. She was released that evening from the Lake County jail after posting $3000 bond.

Cops discovered Bryant around 2:20 AM sitting in the median of US 27 in Leesburg, a city about 45 miles northwest of Orlando. Bryant explained she had exited a nearby truck after arguing with the male driver about “their relationship issues.”

While her 22-year-old beau was getting busted for drunk driving, Bryant--“who appeared to be heavily intoxicated”--was not facing arrest. However, as Bryant waited with deputies for a ride home, she “stated she needed to use the bathroom and wished to go on the side of the road,” according to an arrest affidavit.

After a cop said he would instead drive her to a gas station to use the restroom, Bryant “pulled her pants down and urinated directly in front of” a squad car, gripping the vehicle’s push bar as traffic passed by. 

Upon pulling her pants back up, Bryant was arrested for disorderly intoxication.

En route to the county jail, Bryant repeatedly asked a sheriff’s deputy to give back her Juul vaping device, which was confiscated post-arrest. Bryant said she used the Juul “for anxiety.”

At one point, the deputy reported, “Madison asked me if I was married and had children.” After the cop responded to that query, Bryant allegedly “stated that she was not trying to ‘fuck that up’ and that she would ‘suck my dick if I gave her her Juul.’”

“After being offered this by Madison I did not reply and continued to the jail,” the deputy noted. Bryant, seen above, was charged with a felony bribery count for the illicit offer (which was recorded by a cage camera inside the cop car).

Bryant, whose occupation is listed as “Real Estate” in arrest paperwork, is scheduled for arraignment on September 29. (2 pages)