DOCUMENT: Drunk, Sex

Naked Couple Fell Victim To "The Mood"

Cops: Unclothed Ohioans found passed out

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When The Mood Hits

APRIL 28--“When the mood hits.”

That was the explanation a tipsy Glenn Mcie offered early Sunday morning when Ohio cops found him and a woman naked and passed out inside a Jeep parked outside an apartment complex.

After spotting Mcie’s car “in a handicapped parking space, running, with the lights on” at 2:15 AM, two patrolmen in North Royalton, a Cleveland suburb, approached the 2000 Grand Cherokee.

Inside, cops spotted the 27-year-old Mcie--who was naked from the waist down--“laying on top of a completely naked female in the passenger’s seat.” As noted in a police report, “Both the male and female were sleeping or passed out.”

Mcie and Mulcahy apparently were in a nearby sports bar until last call forced a relocation.

After cops rousted Mcie, he was asked why he was parked outside a residence where he did not live. Mcie replied that, “‘When the mood hits’ you have to find a place to park,” reported officers, who added that Mcie smelled of alcohol, was wobbly on his feet, and had “slow speech.”

While Mcie succeeded in waking his companion, Shannon Mulcahy, she refused police demands to get dressed, and continued “laying completely naked in the passenger seat.” Mulcahy, 24, reportedly cursed cops and told them she did not have to put her clothes on.

When a female cop arrived at the scene, Mulcahy finally followed orders to get dressed. But she refused to provide cops with her name or ID. “Most of what she said was not understandable or made no sense since she was so intoxicated,” cops stated.

Mcie was arrested for drunk driving and placed into the rear of a patrol car, where he “began banging on the window with his head.” Mulcahy was also subsequently arrested and put into a second squad car, where she “began banging her head on the window.”

A search of the Jeep turned up an “open mason jar of moonshine in the rear seat,” according to the police report.

Mcie was scheduled to appear in Mayor’s Court today, while Mulcahy has a May 12 court date. (2 pages)