DOCUMENT: Drunk, Florida

Cops: Man Used 7-Eleven Cooler As A Bathroom

Suspect, 46, failed in search for restroom

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7-Eleven Urinator

NOVEMBER 21--Unable to locate the restroom at a 7-Eleven, a Florida man opted instead to relieve himself in the store’s walk-in cooler, where a stack of Busch beer was defiled by the tipsy suspect, police charge.

According to cops, Daniel Colon, 46, entered the Treasure Island convenience store around 7:30 PM Saturday looking for a bathroom. When that search failed, Colon opened a door marked “Employees Only,” a criminal complaint alleges.

He then entered what turned out to be the 7-Eleven’s walk-in cooler. Colon (pictured at right) then began urinating on “several cases of beer.” A store employee who had spotted Colon entering the cooler confronted him and told him to stop. Colon then left the store and drove away.

Colon, cops reported, “urinated over 6 cases of Busch Light,” causing the store (seen below) a loss of nearly $100.

Colon was subsequently arrested after his vehicle was pulled over by cops searching for the 7-Eleven suspect. In addition to criminal mischief and burglary charges stemming from the cooler urination, Colon was also charged with drunk driving.

After being read his rights, Colon reportedly told police he “could not find the bathroom so he entered the walk in cooler.”

Colon, a Tampa resident, is locked up in lieu of $3250 bond, according to jail records. (2 pages)