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Cops: Drunk Driver Wore Novelty Undies

Drawers imprinted with "breathalyzer" and "blow here"

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Breathalyzer Undies

APRIL 17--A Florida Man arrested early Thursday on a drunk driving charge was in his underwear behind the wheel, according to cops who noted that the suspect’s drawers were imprinted with the word “breathalyzer” and the phrase “blow here,” which was “near his genitals.”

After spotting a Dodge pickup truck weaving on a Port St. Lucie highway around 3 AM, a cop pulled the vehicle over outside a Best Western hotel, according to an arrest affidavit.

The driver, Daryle Lee Campbell, was handcuffed due to his “furtive actions and for officer safety.” Campbell, 54, had been spotted throwing a “black object” from his truck, though the item was not recovered by police.

During questioning, Campbell claimed that he was en route to help a friend who had a flat tire. Campbell--barefoot and in his underwear--seemed jittery, was unsteady on his feet, and appeared “under the influence of a stimulant,” the affidavit notes. After Campbell declined to perform field sobriety tests, he was arrested on a DUI charge.

An inventory of Campbell’s ride turned up a “penis ring” in the truck’s center console, as well as “several condoms about the vehicle and binoculars sitting on the passenger seat.” Cops concluded that Campbell may have been “attempting to attract prostitutes in the area or other lewd and lascivious behavior.”

Though clad in novelty underwear, Campbell “had his hair gelled and combed.” While Campbell’s drawers were not further described by investigators, they were likely similar to the silky boxers seen below.

Campbell’s rap sheet includes two prior drunk driving convictions, police noted. Court records show that he has also been convicted of carrying a concealed weapon, cocaine possession, and resisting arrest.

Pictured above, Campbell is scheduled for an April 23 arraignment on the misdemeanor DUI count. (2 pages)